Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to create a blog with Google Blogger

The easiest way to talk about yourself or interesting things you know about, is to open a blog.
A blog is a website concrete, where you can write very fast without having to look after the technical aspects of creating a traditional site.
Then I'm talking about the easiest and quickest way to open a blog, starting with the service offered by Google with its
So, go to and sign up (if you already have a google account you can access with your google credentials).
Once enrolled access to the dashboard of bloggers, click on "create blog" and begin a wizard where you can first select the name of your blog (pick carefully, cause the name reflects the content of the blog, this will help the surfers to find you through search engines), then you can choose the layout of your site (there are some preset very comfortable).
Once that is done, you can already write your first post! Title, text, image. Talk about what you want to tell the world.
Soon a post on the configuration and optimization of your new blog.

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