Saturday, November 3, 2007

Adsense Demo, what you can put in your blog

There is a limit to advertising that you can put on a site:

* Up to three ad units may be displayed on each page.
* A maximum of two Google AdSense for search boxes may be placed on a page.
* Up to three links units may also be placed on each page.
* Up to three referral units may be displayed on a page, in addition to the ad units, search boxes, and link units specified above.
* AdSense for search results pages may show only a single unit to link in addition to the ads Google serves with the search results. No other ads may be displayed on your search results page.
* No to Google or Google search box may be displayed in a pop-up, pop, or in an email.
* Elements on a page must not obscure any portion of the ads.
* No Google ad may be placed on any non-content-based pages.
* No Google ad may be placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads, whether or not the page content is relevant.

Without exaggerating, place the advertisement so that it is not too pervasive. On this site I put the maximum, so you can understand how the various sponsors box appear.

Advertising so powerful and flexible

The way how Adsense works is so smart, in fact very often the offers that appear on sites and search engines are really interesting (unlike television), and it is often convenient to click a sponsor. For example, as on this site you are reading now, there are many advertising relating to the topic and can often solve the issues and give answers to surfers.
The same thing is happening now even on search engines, in fact I often click on sponsored links because it is actually what I' m looking for. Now first of all I check the sponsored links, then the results on the first ranking page of the search engine.

How to earn money with your blog

Well! After a while you understand how Blogger works and you wrote a couple of interesting things, the fun begins!
Jump on your blog template settings, add elements on the page, and click on Adsense!
This will open a page where you will be asked to subscribe to the service Google Adsense, which is a very powerful tool to insert advertising on your site. The inscription is very fast, to complete the activation occurs in 2-3 days.
When you are active, you can add (the same way you added new menu or images) one or more advertising boxes that you can put anywhere on the page. The very interesting thing is that Google will analyze the content of your pages for readers to propose advertising related to your topics!
When your readers will click on your advertising, Google will pay you a commission which, if achieved 100 $, will be dealt with a monthly check.
Easy, comfortable, and with no effort.
Try it!

Blog template and settings in Blogger

Now, you understood how to write posts, you begin to make the appearance and navigability of your blog more beautiful and attractive.
In Blogger settings you can change some features. The button template is very interesting because you can move the elements of the page and create new ones, such as the menu of your posts, such as a box of text or image.
A very useful feature that can be added is a list of labels: there is the possibility of linking to each post some terms that relate to the topic, so you can sort by topic everything that was written.
You can customize the background behind the title, so you can enjoy creating graphics for your blog.
You can add surveys that your readers will, and you can also add photos and videos from YouTube.
In short, it is a very fast to create your personal space on the web and have a lot of space especially for your creativity!

How to create a blog with Google Blogger

The easiest way to talk about yourself or interesting things you know about, is to open a blog.
A blog is a website concrete, where you can write very fast without having to look after the technical aspects of creating a traditional site.
Then I'm talking about the easiest and quickest way to open a blog, starting with the service offered by Google with its
So, go to and sign up (if you already have a google account you can access with your google credentials).
Once enrolled access to the dashboard of bloggers, click on "create blog" and begin a wizard where you can first select the name of your blog (pick carefully, cause the name reflects the content of the blog, this will help the surfers to find you through search engines), then you can choose the layout of your site (there are some preset very comfortable).
Once that is done, you can already write your first post! Title, text, image. Talk about what you want to tell the world.
Soon a post on the configuration and optimization of your new blog.

Talk about you!

Online advertising is still in its prehistory, yet it is already so easy for advertisers and publishers exploit its immense potential.
But above all, the true revolution is the participation of the end users of its publication advertising, with their space on the web they can publish advertisements that can make money really in so simple way.
It is the moment when, if you have something to say, if you have a passion, if you think that your ideas might affect someone minimally (but even if not interested in none), it is convenient to speak "in digital format, throw out, because is good to you that you can talk to the world about what you have inside, is good to others to know your and new points of view, is good also to the portfolio.
Soon I'm explaining you the easiest way to do so.