Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to earn money with your blog

Well! After a while you understand how Blogger works and you wrote a couple of interesting things, the fun begins!
Jump on your blog template settings, add elements on the page, and click on Adsense!
This will open a page where you will be asked to subscribe to the service Google Adsense, which is a very powerful tool to insert advertising on your site. The inscription is very fast, to complete the activation occurs in 2-3 days.
When you are active, you can add (the same way you added new menu or images) one or more advertising boxes that you can put anywhere on the page. The very interesting thing is that Google will analyze the content of your pages for readers to propose advertising related to your topics!
When your readers will click on your advertising, Google will pay you a commission which, if achieved 100 $, will be dealt with a monthly check.
Easy, comfortable, and with no effort.
Try it!

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