Saturday, November 3, 2007

Blog template and settings in Blogger

Now, you understood how to write posts, you begin to make the appearance and navigability of your blog more beautiful and attractive.
In Blogger settings you can change some features. The button template is very interesting because you can move the elements of the page and create new ones, such as the menu of your posts, such as a box of text or image.
A very useful feature that can be added is a list of labels: there is the possibility of linking to each post some terms that relate to the topic, so you can sort by topic everything that was written.
You can customize the background behind the title, so you can enjoy creating graphics for your blog.
You can add surveys that your readers will, and you can also add photos and videos from YouTube.
In short, it is a very fast to create your personal space on the web and have a lot of space especially for your creativity!

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